Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Brookelynn!!

I was stuck in bed for Brookelynn's birthday so we were not able to do much on her big day, but we were so excited to have Rachel, Jaxson and Rawston come over to help us celebrate. They were so sweet to come over and bring a cool Tinkerbell cosmetic kit! :) I love this picture of Brookelynn styling Jaxson hair! Thanks Rach and Jax for making Brooke's day special!
We had to postpone Brookelynn's Tinkerbell birthday party by a few weeks but with some help from my parents we were able to have her special day at the park!

The birthday girl loved seeing all of her friends and family. Thank you everyone for making this a special day for our girl!

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tlnew said...

I just love these pictures. She's got some sweet friends and family and they love her!